Sid Santha - The Man, The Myth, The Icon

Sid Santha in flight


Sid Santha was born April 7, 1977 in his parent’s home in Paragon City. At a young age Sid knew he wanted to be a doctor but this idea became reinforced when he was 8. During a walk to the local park he witnessed a shooting; his mother held him back but he broke free and tried to help the man who had been shot. When he approached the man (after the muggers took off) he all the sudden emitted a green burst of energy; this burst not only healed the man but removed the bullet and everything. The man thanked him and went along his way. Afterwards, back at their house, Sid's parents discussed what would need to be done about Sid. But instead of sending him away the told him that he should pursue his medical interest and "Heal the World" as they put it. And he tried, after being the youngest surgeon to ever come out of Paragon University, Sid moved out to a small town in northern California, which was in need of a doctor.

After 12 years Sid's life was turned upside down again. During a big thunderstorm Sid's wife said that their daughter was missing; apparently she was worried about the family dog. Sid immediately sprang into action. He left the house during the terrible storm to look for his daughter. He found her by a downed tree that the dog was pinned under. The tree had hit power lines and the whole area was wet. Sid knew he had to get out of there so he use his powers to heal himself as he made his way through the electrified water. His wife watched him in shock (she didn't know he was "different") as he turned his powers up to full yield his body mutated absorbing the electricity. He finally rescued his daughter and the dog. After the storm his wife never looked at him the same way and one month later she left him. Devastated; Sid left that town swearing never to return. He moved back to Paragon City hearing that it was looking for heroes of all types. He knew he would fit in there, and finally he had a home. He has been in Paragon City for 9 years now and is happy to be able to help anyone who truthfully needs it.

Vital Stats:


Empathy: Healing Aura, Heal Other, Resurrect, Clear Mind, Fortitude, Recovery Aura, Regeneration Aura, Adrenalin Boost.

Electrical Blast: Charged Bolts, Lightning Bolts, Tesla Cage, Thunderous Blast.

Temporary Powers: Mutagen

Inherent: Brawl, Sprint, Rest, Vigilance.

Teleportation: Recall Friend, Teleport.

Fitness: Swift, Health, Stamina.

Speed: Hasten

Flight: Hover, Fly.

Power Mastery: Conserve Power, Power Build Up, Temporary Invulnerability, Total Focus.

Accolades: The Atlas Medallion, Crey CBX-9 Pistol.

Other Stuff:

Server: Triumph

Global Name: @Sid Santha